This is hard to write about, but if I don't let it out of me I feel like I'm going to explode. This morning I wake up, my husband is rubbing up next to me... obviously wanting sex. He goes to the restroom and comes back to bed and takes off his pants, then I go to the restroom, brush my teeth and come back to bed. I ***** off all my clothes and he says, "I should have gone fishing."

He wasn't joking, he was being mean like he always is. I was crushed. I have worked very hard to lose some weight lately and am down to what I weighed when we married. I was proud to shed my clothes and felt 'sexy'.

How do I handle this kind of rejection? What is wrong with him to treat me so cruelly?
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4 Responses May 17, 2012

this is his problem, perhaps while you were brushing your teeth he satisfied himself and was disgusted with himself so dumped on you...why would you want to have sex with someone who treats you badly...? you have a choice also dear girl.

maybe he is gay and hasnt come out of the closet yet

Well txt me if u want we can talk ok I'm a stranger but atleast I'm here 6192441579

Girl you are hot don't know how someone not have sex with you definetly text me I wanna have the night with you :)

He is a terrible person and dosent know what he has till it's gone