I Hate Being Short

Yes, it is no secret.

I maybe a bit loopy, and this might sound a bit far-fetched, but, this angered me, when I found out a few days ago.

It seems that allot of people are now attempting to "wipe-out" short people, in America, there are height requirements to donate *****, which is absolutely rediculous, the ***** banks must go along with it, though, because, it is the mothers who are going to them and requesting that they have ***** donated from a tall donor.

Nevermind the wonderful, modern gift of being able to be given then chance to have a child when they are otherwise unable to, who will grow into an adult themself, and life to see and experience the world for up to a century, forget that(!)

Not to mention the mothers who are injecting their children with growth hormone to make them grow taller when they are older.

Maybe it is just because I am not tall, but, I really don't understand the obsession. And why it seems to be that it is over-looked that people are allowed to do these things with little or no objection, but, when it comes to issues such as weight or race, or anything else, it would be frowned upon.

Would ***** donors be criticized if they didn't allow people to donate ***** just because they where born black?

Okay, rant over.
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2008

I am a short guy but I have to disagree with you. Why would anyone want their child to be a short person and struggle through life especially if they are male. I am not saying I am being discriminated against because I am short, but I have to work for a lot of stuff that taller men don't have to. Have you seen all those studies that suggest that tall men are paid more than short men.

agree IOO% people got to learn inside beauity as well as outside.its getting redulious the short agaisnt the tall ,smoker against the non, it looks like every thing has to be a isuse

Less a rant than a short story.