Being Short Is Painful

Hi guys,

how do you feel being the shortest one among people almost everywhere? I know how it feels. It destroys my self confidence. when i was at highschool some of my classmates used to tease me for being short, calling me 'smally' or by any other words related to small. But i have never gave up. I tried my best at highschool and could enroll one of the best universities. the funny but true thing is short people always like tall people, and fall in love with tall guys. For me, i am a girl, and i fell in love with a guy of my classmates who was a quite tall guy. and i never ever tried to show my feelings about him to him because i thought he would ignore me and i didn't want to be rejected.

You know that short people have always been unsatisfied with themselves and always jealous of taller people. Short people always think taller people are somewhat happier than them. But it's not true. I found out being short or tall not always matters. It's just our thinking guys. It's us who create the image of us. Please remember that in the history heros, scientists or people with high IQ were usually short men such as Napeleon, Einstein. So what it means is short people can be cleverer than the taller ones.

I also want to tell you guys, one important thing.  You may think that all girls fall in love with taller guys. But it's not true. What women look for in men is not their hheight or muscilar body. It's their man like behavior. You have to trust me, because i am telling it based on my own experience. Now i have a boyfriend. He's not that tall but not that short, just a average guy. But i love him madly because of his confidence in himself, and manhood or braveness. that's the most important thing i think.

So in the end, people treat us the same as we treat ourselves.

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Being who you are and loving it is beautiful ! Doesn't matter rather your short or tall, fat or skinny I'm 4'10 and I'm 22 years old college student I love my height always have its not about what you got it's about how you work it, flaunt who you are never dislike who you are physically or mentally no matter what , once I realized the only opinion that mattered was mine ! I said **** everyone else! And I believe that I'm the most beautiful women in the world standing at 4'10 and I'll never think otherwise, just love you ,

Wow thank you for the inspiration!

well you have a point.. but i am realy realy short!!! and it wasnt big deal for me previously but now im univercity and its like i am dwarf

Thank you for writing this, this literally made my day and gave me hope :)

dragonofjapan, wow, thank you for your response. It really encouraged me, let me give you a hug :) Actually, recently, i've had another boyfriend who is rather taller than me. I think he's the same height as you. He was saying he had no idea how we would make love because of the height discrepancies (we haven't done it yet). I hope we'll figure it out. Any advice is welcomed ;)

Well if he is really strong slip your knees over his elbows (this is much better if he has a friend of the same height standing behind for your behind! lol)

Lay down.

When he tries to kiss you for too long while standing and your neck gets a bit sore, make him stop, sit down and sit on his lap.

I had a gf who was 4'9" tall and a friend of mine who was 6'7" tall. but for love making you are only trying to 'line up' the essential nits! lol

But if that is your picture, I would be willing to sacrifice my time and energy to "show" your boyfriend how! He can watch and learn, shouldn't take more than 10 or 20 lessons!

I prefer petite women and always have. I'm 6' 175 and a former world class athlete. I grew up surrounded by women, so I was both adored and taught what women like.

A few things:
Short people live longer: you heart does not need to work as hard
you tend to be more clever because you work harder
it is like women with small breasts, they feel they need to develop their minds where as women with big boobs might be smart, but if you never exercise you mind it does not develop.

You don't prefer tall men as much as alpha males who are smart, funny and sensitive to who you are and your needs.

I will take a petite, small breasted women over any other. Hands down they are the better group. So while you might have found it painful, please understand the people who said mean things to you were weak and insecure. They hoped by picking on you people would not notice they were in fact inferior people.

So my advice, Forgive them and feel pity for them.

You are the gems in my book.

Thank you for writing this, this literally made my day and gave me hope :)

Fact: being short as a women is much easier than as a man.

Very true! I'm a short guy about 5'5 1/2 and I was criticized, made fun of, and looked at funny by plenty of women when I was younger. It use to bother me then but now I could care less what they think because at the end of the day I am who I am and who God created me to be and last I checked God doesn't make mistakes. I'm thankful the way God created me because as long as I'm still breathing and am alive that all that really matters to me

I love being short :)

Who said Einstein was short?<br />
No people don't treat us the same way we treat oursleves.<br />
I always thought I wasn't short and had a very positive image about myself. <br />
Thats when I started getting feedback. Feedback from people,media,movies and my own head,later. <br />
I was terribly wrong before. Now I know where I stand. Should have never been confident.

IKR!!! It really ruins one's self-esteem. And I totally agree, being short is absolutely painful. Poeple saying rude things, making fun of you... It's hard for me to be confident when you're dealing with this.