Missing Those Inches

No matter what they say,about how your mind is more important than your height,I just can't understand how it is right.
I have always imagined myself as someone more pleasing and tall in my dreams(the dreams where you achieve something),
I find that I can go about doing things if I work hard,but that isn't satifying me.
At the end of the day some ***** will say something about my height,and I'm going to get depressed.
Someday,some speaker will pick a random guy in the crowd,yeah he'll pick me and ask me my height and I'll blast out of the hall like superman, breaking the ceiling. Yeah.
I always dread it. I have wanted to be a good footballer. I have gotten into high standard teams and gone ahead with them. Isn't that achievement? Now one fine day,my coach will ask us to stand in height order and I'll skii my way out of the field.
I just don't understand. There are school kids who can't be distinguished as guys yet who shoot up cross my height.

That guy who is my height. Yeah,him. Have I seen him in public. Yes I have. He is so tiny. Have I heard what people say about him behind his back? Yes.Nasty things. I feel sorry for him. I find what all those people say ,true.
Is it the same to me when someone else is looking at me like that. Ofcourse!

There are people who say one can ignore what the world says. Wait a minute. The world is what taught me science. The world is what taught me that higher grades are better than lower grades. Taught me what good football is,luxurious living is,good car is,love is. So shouldn't I ignore all this and become a saint? How can you selectively accept and reject. And achievement is supposed to make sense only if the world sees you do it. How can you achieve ignoring what it says?

Seriously just like you achieve things in life,you CAN'T achieve some more height.
I read quotes like "Get what you want." I know what exactly what I want. It has been irritating me since so many years.
It has kept me isolated from people. It has kept me answering fake phone calls to avoid insult. It has kept me staring at kids who shoot up. It has kept me staring at old acquiantances who don't do anything ,fail miserably, and finally stand in front of me look down and talk with a wicked smile. But can I "get what I want"?

Oh yeah,your height doesn't matter though.
alrightthen alrightthen
2 Responses May 24, 2012

Hi. Thank You for your comment.<br />
But what is actually a fact? I,not *liking* myself? <br />
I did address that point about the world pushing a stereotype on us as *ideal*.<br />
It pushes one everywhere. In the end I have to *show* the world what I'm capable of,... right? A world that has pushed this stereotype on me? A world which thought at this level?

Literally everything you named is relative, just because the world pushes a stereotype on us as "Ideal" doesn't make it fact. If you are going to worry about such mundane things, life is going to knock you on your ***... hard. Chin up, you could be dead. :]