Every time im sick, like now, I get extremely frusterated. Mostly because i hate being helpless and i hate being unable to function the way i want to and get everything done. I have a very hard time sitting still on a usual basis, so when im knocked completely down its hard for me not to turn in to a big angry baby.
Whats weird is that this is like the fourth month in a row where ive caught a "bug". Ive seen the doctors, ran the tests, nothing seems to be wrong with me yet every few weeks.... BOOM..... sick again.
I cant figure out if its because i have a 5 year old in public school (though she hasnt been sick often) or if its just stress. Ive been pretty stressed lately but i feel like there have been more stressful times than now, before and i never fell ill like this then....
Anyway. Meh, I hate it.
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i know i hated it on thursday and friday i was going to throw up on thursday and i knew i was so i told the student teacher and she wouldn't let me to the bathroom and i was sick all over the floor of the gym then got told off by the real teacher who told off the student one for not letting me out them on friday i was sick and only just made the toilet and also got a bit on me i was being sick so often that the person who went to the bathroom with me had to go get the teacher to come down and i proceeded to pass out and puke all over myself the floor and the poor teacher i was mortified