I Was Ill :(

I just hate being ill, the last time before last i was ill in the 90's and that was that!,.

Then in January 2010! i started becoming breathless! i thought it was because "i had given up smoking" ,. I just continued doing day today things as normal running around doing this that! and the other!,.
Then i noticed when i was breathing, i would hear like a rattling sound! and my left side was hurting each time i coughed!, then i thought!!, "omg! what"??? this isn't right, it was my chest it was "litarally rattling" i had a bad cough that just persisted,and wouldn't go away every bottle of cough syrup i tried failed and i was like this, since January,. I felt so awful, i was even walking stooped over! because of the pain in my upper left side of my ribs!
I remember it being a Sunday evening, i went to see my friend! and she said ***** you look awful, "i felt awful",. I walked from her house at 6:30 pm that evening, got home at 6:45 pm and i was freezing, i just couldn't get warm, i was freezing,. I went to bed at 7:00 pm trying to keep warm even though we had the heating full on,. Then half an hour later up i got, ran to the bathroom and the vomit was like something from the exorcist that is what frightened me also! omg! went back to bed my chest was worse than ever,. On the Wednesday, i thought! "i have to seek help, i would have done anything" and i mean that to get to a doctor! that was how ill i felt!
On the Wednesday i went to the local A"n" E at the hospital they said they took one look at me! and i was in! They gave me antibiotics, through an intravenus drip and they worked straight away, i was lucky! i went home the next night! with medication,.
I later learned a friend living just up around the corner from me, suffered the exact same illness and the same age as me, had been admitted on the night i was discharged had unfortunately died!!!!! that really frightened me! it really did! ,.
Thank you for reading!
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Awww! Lena it is an awful feeling being ill :( I to hate it! Thank you to for well wishes! my young friend! :D <br />
Thank you for commenting!! and leaving feedback! :D

Thank you :D so much Literaturegirl! for your feedback! Oh! it is a very unpleasant illness! it really is!!! :( May i thank you! for the well wishes to, my darling Ep friend! :D

mewold, my sweet, sweet friend :D I am sorry to learn of this, awwww! :( Thank you for the "hot toddies" tip, i think ishall try that later! actually! lol <br />
Thank you for your feedback on this one! my friend! :D

Marji! :D, my mother had it every year also! and she used to have double pneumonia, each and every time!,. <br />
I to have two puffers one i keep with me and one i keep by the side of my bed also! <br />
<br />
Oooh! a "nebuliza" yes i have seen them, that will help you better than a puffer my darling! :D <br />
Thank you for your feedback Marji! :D

SunshineOfYourLove!, :D thank you so much for stopping by and giving feedback on this one! :D <br />
I am so sorry to read that my darling! of your husband, :(,. Yes! to true! Thank God!!! for anibiotics! :D :D Thank you, babe! for the get well message, may i extend that back to your husband, my friend please! thank you! :D <br />
Thank you for your comment!!! :D

Omg! Roxanne1960!!! :( I had no idea, my darling Ep friend! :( Omg! how frightening is that!!! omg! :( Thank goodness! Roxanne, thank goodness! what a huge relief, my friend :D yes! my chick! every year darling thank you! :D <br />
May i thank you so much for sharing this with me! :D And i am so pleased!!!!! :D everything is alright! thank goodness! :D

Well, sweetheart, I have COPD and right now, I am coughing my lungs out. I cough so much I get dizzy. I hope you are not near as sick as I feel. But hang in there, take about 6 or 7 hot toddies and all will be well in the morning. lol

Aawwhh Babe. I know exactly where you have been. I was admitted in 2009 with pneumonia. Mine was caused by a benign tumour on the lung. Fortunately all sorted now.<br />
I'm glad they caught you in time, but like Marji says, be careful. Do you get your flu jabs every year?<br />
Take care my friend..R

In the 90's i, unfortunately suffered "Glandular Fever" :( The doctor at that time, told me to be careful as this "illness" can cause all sorts of problems in the future! :(

Pnuemonia! they told me in the hospital, :( I have to have a "puffer" type thing now to help me catch my breath and breathe! , especially when i walk just a little too! far,. Unfortunately, the surgeon told me, "be careful it can come back, with a vengance" :( My cousin said the same! Marji! :( Thank you for your question and feedback my friend! :D thank you! :D

My daughter-in-law mentioned "Pleurisy" when i was ill, Marji! :( not being funny my mother suffered that a lot! and my father suffered in the 50's, unfortunately with TB! :( My aunt, my father's sister is currently in hospital as we speak suffering Pneumonia! :( <br />
Thank you so much for sharing your experience and kind feedback! my darling! :D

Awwwww! Plaid, my darling young friend! :D thank you so much for your very kind words, my babe! :D I am sorry you too! suffer lung problems omg! love you and, "your whole life" as well!!,.....awww! and there's me "whinging" about this! :( <br />
Thank you for sharing with me! and for your magnificent feedback also my young friend! :D thank you! :D

Wow, that's scary, Welsh. I've had lung troubles my whole life, so I know how bad it feels. I hope you get all the way better quickly!

Dragonladydreams, my darling! young friend :D It really frightened me at the time, especially when the surgeon, told me they found something in my left lung! well all sorts of things were going through my mind! :( Of course my husband and daughter were there "trying" to reasure me! then the surgeon came back and said the scan had revealed Pnuemonia! i had the interavenus drip in, but luckily for me, the "surgeon" said, it was lucky i was young, relatively fit! and slim! and i was a good girl for giving up smoking! lol so, he allowed me home because of those factors! I know it will take months even years in some cases to fully recover, but now i will go straight to the doctor's no questions asked! :D <br />
Thank you so much for your very kind words and your comment! thank you! :D