Oh No!

I've always had some minor maladies throughout my life, but outgrew them into a healthy healthy adult.  Well....until....two years ago I found a little spot on my leg.  "Oh, I hope it's not cancer!"  I thought.  My physician at the time said, "It's psoriasis, welcome to old age."  Ok.  I can deal with that.  Six months later I found two more spots.  Ok.  I can deal with that.  It's now been two years and it has gone out of control.  I finally was able to get to another doctor (those that know me know I've had healthcare issues, dealing with lack of insurance all tied to my divorce), and, since it was such an insistent disease, the decision was made to see if I could get on Humira.  Long story short, I got to the bloodwork phase and there are "liver issues."  More bloodwork in the immediate future and an ultrasound.  I am thinking the best...I just want to start on the Humira and have real skin again.  Otherwise I feel quite fine! 
The next story will be Kate on the leper colony island...!

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1 Response May 28, 2011

Awwww! ksparrow!, thank you so much for sharing this, information,,. A friend of mine 20 yrs ago had the same health issue, with his "liver" he has had treatment and of course last week he told me of them! So you can see! :D He said, as, i most thouroughly agree with is "positive thinking" and i know that, this is what you have! you have "will power" , which is definately a great thing my darling Ep friend! :D <br />
"Leper colony island" no! way!!! :( <br />
Thank you for sharing your post! darling! :D