All Of The Time

This year I have been sick many times. My grades have suffered a lot when I went through pneumonia and influenza. I was exhausted for many weeks and during soccer practice I needed a lot of breaks because my legs would just collapse underneath me.
I hate being sick. I hate it because I would much rather be doing anything else but instead I am tied to the bed.
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3 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I know how you feel I'm sick all the time with different stuff:( hopefully you don't get sick all the time. I have walking pneumonia right now and I can not seem to get rid of it I been on 4 different meds for walking pneumonia for there's past 6 weeks and I know I have walking pneumonia because they tested me for it in Oct. and then in Nov and they both came up positive. I am so sick and tried of feeling like this. Do you have any advice what I should do????

Will now that just shows who your real friends are and who aren't.. ;)
I know how it feels though it's hard,, but i came to believe that humans aren't as weak as we think they are :)

Trying to look at the bright side,, you work too hard you deserved a break,,

I suppose. It is frustrating, though, because a lot of people would make comments in class. Like, "Look, she's decided to grace us with her presence" and it took a lot of struggle to make it back up.