It was a rainy day and I woke up feeling like ****. My tummy was aching like crazy and I was dizzy. I was to weak to even get out of bed. "Muum" I groaned. "Muuuuuumm!!" I couldn't get out of bed so i needed some aid. I almost puked at the sight or smell of food and I refused to drink.

Anyway, I was left home alone because my mum had to work and my brother left for school. And I decided it'd be okay if I left bed and got my iPod. Bad f'ing idea! I shuffled slowly to the lounge room where I left my iPod, but something stopped me: it was a banana bread, which mum made this morning, cooling down smelling nice. I started to feel really faint. And I threw up all over the cake, the bench, floor, my pyjamas. I stared down at myself, gobsmacked. I know when my mum gets home, I'm in big bother. I tried to clean up the horrible muck without getting sick again. But it just wouldn't work.

So I had to face the music once I get home and trust me, it wasn't pretty. And that's why I hate being sick.
GingaJustice GingaJustice
18-21, M
Aug 17, 2014