My Life Sort Of Sucks.

I'm average looking. and scared to death to be in a relationship. as soon as a guy expresse feelings towards me I run.
Thinking what the hell is wrong with this dude? what do u see in me?
All I'll do is end up hurting you or I'll not be good enough for you.
Anyone else have a similar sitiuation or feeling?
I just hate being average looking and not drop dead goregous and make a man think "wow I wanna marry her tomorrow."
That'd be great.
LonelyGirl322 LonelyGirl322
9 Responses Nov 24, 2012

Quit running away frome guys and just be your self like you would with a friend

you answered your own question! how do you expect to NOT be single when you run away any time a guy expresses interest? you need to be asking yourself Why am I so scared?
Do you think you're not a good enough person to deserve any love? Are your Christian beliefs causing you to have unrealistic expectations, either of yourself or a man? Is there abandonment in your history?

You look quite pretty to me. I would focus on what's important-what is most attractive to a man who is not going to give you a life of shallow pursuits. Learn to be confident and accepting of yourself; to love the person that you are and always work to be better. Be selfless and forgiving. Be affectionate and kind. Sacrifice yourself for the right reasons, and it will come back to you in spades.

lol i like that too. im a caged in sort of guy and that hasnt helped in my social life. it feels wierd when a girl gives me attention and i push them away involuntarily coz im scared of the relationship side of things and the growth/maturity that comes with it and wonder what they could see in me. why would you want me out of all these alpha males here? i just dont feel worthy and it kills me.

But you are gorgeous but surly it would be better for a guy to look at you and think to to himself "I want to get to know the real person" than "she looks beautiful, I want to marry her".

Looks are important but not everything and it's more important to have a beautiful personality. Then atleaset then you know the guy loves you as a person and not because you look good.

if thats u in that pic your cetaintly very attractive average would never describe you.i'd kill to be given such good looks,i'm very homely myself.

You really think you are average looking? Regardless, when you fall for someone the beauty on the inside mixes with the outside and you get a sort of mash up. One thing I learned, is that regardless of what you think of yourself, never question the sincerity of others feelings, never.

sure look good to me,,

Work on what's on the inside. Recognize what kind of person you genuinely are. If you concentrate on that, and take care of yourself, it will show naturally on the outside. And will draw admirers. The key point is naturally. I can always spot someone who is trying very hard to portray someone they really aren't. You really do need to love and value yourself before you can expect anyone else to. How you treat yourself, sets an example of how you expect others to treat you.