Men Want Someone Hot.

As soon as they see someone that look like Megan Fox they automatically want to marry her.
If they look like Emma Stone...they automatically wanna marry her. If they see someone average like us takes years of them to get attracted to us.

US average looking girls have no chance of attractiing a good looking guy.
he gets insecure if he tells his friends what they think or if he really thinks deep inside the average girl is ugly and just there for him to get.
I've tried really hard to look pretty and get a hot guy's attention.
But it never works. I am destined to live on my own and never have that connection with someone.
Men want someone hot, not average looking like me. End of story.
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Thats not true most guys would give any thing for a good girl that he knows he can trust

I think you are mistaken. I don't think you know what guys really want from a girl. It is often more than looks. Now that does not mean we want a girl who doesn't care what she looks like. If she doesn't keep her hair nice and wear make-up we may think she is not that into being a girl and so being with her won't be fun for us as guys. If I could have a girl who thinks I am amazing, I would be more drawn to her (if plain but nice looking) than to those hot girls you fear who might make me feel like its all about her. Honestly, guys are easy and you will often see very attractive women lose guys to much less attractive women because those women know how to make the guy feel good about himself, make him feel like he can conquer the world and yes, be willing to do anythng to make him happy.

If you exude sexiness without it being slutty you can get guys. If you look at a guy a certain way, you can get him. Now make sure if you smile your teeth have been brushed, you don't have rotten teeth and that you have a nice color of lipstic on. Flirt with a guy. Focus on him and how handsome he is. Guys are way easier than you think and way lonelier than you realize. I don't just mean easy to get between your legs, I mean easy to get to like you. Sometimes really hot looking girls have only their looks to offer. They can't hold an intelligent conversation beyond their clothes and shoes and makeup. Give guys some credit. We are more than our eyes. Get to know some guys as friends, and even while denying it with your dying breath, be a bit of a cocktease. Abuse the friendship by saying (if you let him catch you naked or your skirt up or without a bra) "I didn't think you would notice me...I felt safe because you are my friend (then lick your lips and hold his eyes with yours for like 5 extra seconds). Don't think you will be being too obvious. Guys are not going to notice subtlety like they do a brick.

Yes, of course we like pretty girls, but sometimes pretty girls are a rreal pain in the ***. Sometimes they spend so much time and money on their looks that they don't have anything else going for them.

if thats you in your avatar !! you are beautiful. Who wants a shallow pig of a man anyways.

Hey when they are young, guys do think like this, but as they get older, they see Megan Fox aging, look at her mother and think - she will look like that soon. There is a lot more to a good relationship than good looks!

Not end of story, I find Megan Fox a big turn off. Lashings of makeup and spray on tan make her look so fake. If I wanted a woman with a glossy finish I would get a magazine.
I like nice girls, girls who can show their faces in public without a mask of makeup, who don't wear Slutty clothes to get attention, who are comfortable with just being themselves.
I find a girl who looks good without makeup and dresses down occasionally far more attractive and interesting than all the girls who look like movie stars.
You couldnt pay me to marry Megan Fox

You are still young, somebody will come along one day who will cherish and value you for who you are, for your pretty eyes, someone who is a true gentleman. Your heart will tell you when it's time..............good luck!

I know how you feel.

"US average looking girls have no chance of attractiing a good looking guy. "

Yeah. Well.. actually first of all, you are judging them by the standard you are complaining about. Try not to be so harsh on the 'less good looking guy' women have much higher standards than men - most men consider the top, say, 70% of women to be hot, not the top 3%.

Don't forget lot of the 'good looking guys' turn into unappreciative jerks because they become jaded by women - there are nice ones but they have every reason to become jerks. They will only be interested in the super hot girls because that's what they know they can have - but that's fine because then they can be jerks to each other, right?

Second of all make an effort and it will be fine.You are more than attractive enough. Make a tiny effort and you can put yourself ahead of most girls whose entire strategy is to stand there and look pretty and make no special effort to be interesting at all. I know that makeup and clothes are considered by women to be 'making the effort'. It really isn't anywhere close to what you can achieve by talking to a guy...

Look at what men do. They approach you out of the blue and try and conjure a relationship from thin air. That's a lot to ask for nothing to be fair..

Conversation will win for you because once you lower that barrier to entry they will be more likely to have a crack. It doesn't have to be good conversation, or thought out - ask them a crazy question out of the blue, one that is guy or girl centric and get a discussion going. 'what did you think of the new bond film' or something... 'so, you there - what do guys actually think about ', 'can i get your opinion on my hair quickly I'm thinking of...' etc. anything can work - avoid 20 questions, drink buying and other clich├ęs and you'll be a pro in no time :)

That's a very wise piece of advice. I agree with everything fakeola said.

not all guys are like that some guys whats on the inside is what mattter than what on the outside

AND I looked at your photo you reminds me a lot of an actress called Michelle Keegan. If you are in the US you will not have heard of her she is British. And pretty :)

I have the same problem believe me, and I'm 28 which is like getting old,, and it sucks! I think the guy I like most thinks I am no more than average, although many guys see me as pretty. I thought he liked me until a few days ago...

you are a very good looking lady. you need to tell yourself that till you are convinced.

me too lonely
iam boy of age 23

woman there isnt anything wrong with u u may think your average nt all guys

Don't be fooled by all the media hype,guys love all types of women.Looks are not everything.
You llook lovely to me.Every thing takes time your prince charming will come.

You seem to have opened the pandora's box here. :-) I guess its just diffrent strokes for diffrent folks.

i don't think men only want someone who's hot, that might be boys but real men look past it.. i mean if you only want to get a hot guys attention like you said, what about all those average guys out there thinking the same thing as you? i don't like to oput labels on people like that 'hot, average whatever' because everyone really has something beautiful and attractive about them and it takes the right person to see it. i'd rather an average but nice looking guy i could find something i loved about, who did the same for me, rather than a hot guy who just used me (not saying they're all like that of course). being yourself is the best you can do and god things will come from it. :)

Might I ask if an average looking guy would stand the same chance with you as a hot looking guy would?

I tend to believe that if you want "hot" or "perfect", you better be "hot" or "perfect" yourself.

Amen brother!

Real men want a confident and kind girl who accepts them for who they are, regardless of how they look, though yes, it is a pro when she looks hot as well haha. Confident and real men don't need approval from their friends or whatnot, as long as they really like the girl it's cool.

No your point of view or what you want is perhaps what is stopping you from enjoying a good relationship.You want a hot guy and they go for someone else?Well looks is just not the best attribute to have as a first priority.Those relationships don't last.You are a very pretty girl ,prettier than most but you may need to re adjust what you want or what is best for you in life.

Probably you are under that assumption that all Men fall for looks and affirming the reverse that you are not good in looks. It is the inside that makes the outside. Try relating to men for a change by talking/ writing/ taking interest in them , without exchanging pictures.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like you don't want an average looking guy. If you only want a guy because of his good looks, aren't you doing the same thing? Judging from some of the posts there are quite a few average joes out there that could offer you the companionship and connection you're looking for...If you let it happen.

Nope. Men want someone nice and fun and interesting. If you score on a few of those you will look beautiful to the right guy. If you really think that only beautiful people get linked up, try going to the mall and observing once in a while.