Size Zero And I Hate It..

I've been slim for as long as I remember, I was even an underweight baby, I take after my father who can eat for the world and never gain a single pound.

(For reference I'm 5ft4 and I weigh 7st 2. I'm a UK size 4/6 which is a US 0/2).

I had no issues with my body in fact I'd probably say I loved it..until I got into my late teens.. I was hearing the term "real women" to describe curvier women, slimmer women were never spoken about in a good way, we were only being bashed in order to celebrate other body types

The media tends to send such a conflicting messages to women and young girls.. On one hand they'll say all body shapes and sizes should be celebrated but they continuously alienate people like me who are naturally slim and can't help it.

Whenever I'm feeling a little curvier like I've put on a bit of weight and dare to wear something fitting for a change someone always seems to think it's appropriate to ask me if I'm anorexic or tell me I need to stop starving myself.

To me this is just as bad as telling an overweight person they need to stop eating or diet, but somehow skinny-bashing seems to be widely accepted.

Perhaps if attitudes were different I'd have been able to write in a group called "I love my body". Rather than trying weight gain fad I can come across so I can be considered a "Real Woman".
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3 Responses Dec 11, 2012

you are a real women

hi dear you look grate just the way you are and the one that are putting you down are a bunch of ***** they dont know what they are talking about

Just yesterday I made a comment on facebook about all the anti-bullying posts intermixed with all the "real women have curves" BS, and asked all my "curvy", a.k.a. fat, friends to think about how young girls such as yourself must feel when they read that crap. I was skinny when I was young, too. Age 25 change all that, but I'm still not as big as most of my old classmates. I can't tell much from that little picture in the corner, but if that is really you, I think your absolutely beautiful. Don't listen to the masses, the common herd...99% of women are unhappy with their body, so they all talk crap in order to try and feel better about themselves. Hold your head high like the smart, beautiful young woman you are!

If life gets to be too much, drop me a message. I'm no stranger to depression and self-esteem/self-worth issues. I can tell you have wisdom beyond your years, and it would suck to see such a beautiful mind go to waste under the disease that is depression.

Are you familiar with Eilistraee from the Forgotten Realms series? With a name like "Elvie" I think you need to get acquainted with her. She's the Goddess of good Dark Elves.

With your slender physique, all you'd need is some pointy ears and a pure white wig, and you'd be the fantasy of every geek at gen-con! LOL