Wish I Was "thicker"

I've been skinny my whole life and can't gain weight no matter what I try. My best friends are all thick with nice butts and thighs then there is me weighting 137 pounds but with no evidence of any of the weight. My clouded judgement of jealousy caused me to loose my best friends. I mean they always threw the fact I was skinny in my face like I chose to be that way or should be ashamed. Then on top of that all the guys I know always ask me " why am I so skinny and have no butt". And this lowers my self esteem I've always been in the shadow of others because of my size and I'm fed up I have so much anger and I ready to start gaining weight even if it's threw pills. Any advice or something because I can't do this anymore I give up and all the people I know would be ecstatic. ;(
amari7 amari7
Jan 9, 2013