My Whole Life Ive Been Skinny

Since the 4th grade i've stayed at a consistent weight of about 100 - 107 pounds. It's very frustrating being so skinny. Right now I am a Junior in high school and I felt so bad not being able to get blood drawn. I wasn't able to get blood drawn because you need to be atleast 110 pounds. I get told i'm skinny so much and it doesn't help that people seem to think that eating will solve all my problems. The worst was gym class. I looked so skinny in my clothing and my shorts; people commenting about how they could clearly see my knee caps. I've tried all the usual methods of gaining weight. I've tried eating, in fact, I eat a lot believe it or not. I just feel like I am missing out on certain aspects and everything. It's so much different I feel when your a male because you're expected to be stronger or not so skinny, or atleast obese for one part. When I walk around seeing all the beautiful women who are even bigger than me I think to myself, women don't want someone who's smaller than them. I thought maybe if I had enough calories and started working out it would make me stronger and it wouldn't be so bad. But I checked with my doctor, the only way that could happen is if I had some fat on my bones, which clearly, I don't. It makes me very depressed and I don't want to explain it to my parents they will just explain to me that its a normal everyday thing, or that I just don't understand or some crap. As with being small they mistake me for being 3 years old. Everytime something happens in our family its always, I don't understand or something. I guess they think maybe when i'm older and gain about 60 pounds.

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18-21, M
1 Response Mar 21, 2010

I have always had the same problem. I dont think there is anything I can ever do which will make me put on weight. I guess I just have to like it or lump it...