Are You Saying I'm a Drug Addict??

I dated this ignorant ******* a few years ago and he thought it was totally wrong that I was taking depression pills. First of all, I have 2 chronic illnesses that cause my depression. Second, he had no  idea what had gone on in my life for me to be so depressed. Third, this guy took every illegal drug under the sun but he didn't believe in taking drugs to be happy. I believe his exact words were, "I don't see how you can't make yourself happy. I guess you must be really ****** up to have to take pills."

From what he told me he had taken a lot of illegal drugs. At least my drugs are legal. I broke up with this guy over his ignorance and drug usage.
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2007

I hate that you had to go through that. Some people just won't listen or try to see your side. That's tragic!<br />
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Anybody with a chronic illness is likely to get depressed really easily. I know. My parents both went through a lot of struggles before they left me. I've personally have some health struggles and doctors gave me meds for depression and I tried taking them, but kept worrying I'd get hooked. <br />
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That's MY story. One thing I did learn is that when things get to be too much, the meds my doctor gave me DID help ease things for me so I could at least get some relief. All-or-nothing with presc<x>riptions doesn't always work. More often than not, it only makes things worse, for you and for everybody around you.<br />
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Everyone has their own journey through life. What works for you might not work for me. What works for me... well, you get the ideal. :)<br />
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I just know it's easier for someone to criticize than take the time to listen, discuss and at least TRY to understand. Anybody can take a minute to listen. I know. I wasn't so hot at it, at first, but it gets easier, the more you try.

good for you! your illness is your problem, not something he should lecture you about. And his illegal drugs thing is so ridiculous i don't know whether to laugh or not! Jerk.

That's an impressive and bizarre degree of hypocrisy. :P I can't think of a more sensible thing to do than jettison him from your life!