Not Pleasant

I also dislike being stereotyped by people who can't spell stereotyped.
ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
11 Responses Jul 28, 2007

:::breaths huge sigh of relief:::
There is hope for humanity, yet. Thank you.

I'm so old school, I remember being MONO-typed - stereo wasn't available yet! ;- )

Dude, nice one.

no one likes being stereo typed ever!

Backatcha Ditzychick - Check your in bin.

Hah so do i......not that im cowardly or know i think you're cool :)

I find when one does things in the nicest possible way there's less cleaning up afterwards.

Awwww i dont know what i meant anymore lol lol lol an i rarely know what you're on about :) in the nicest possible way x

Blast! So I have. Oh my sainted trousers! Well, I may as well admit it. I’m a stereotype, the type of chap who listens to the stereo, all protestations notwithstanding, according to the party of the first part, who was on his way to a party at the flat of the second part, but we’ll leave that part for later, when we take a few moments to remember Burma. (Is that what you meant by behave?)

I just noticed, you've steriotyped yourself lol silly s o d, Behave!

Also, i wouldnt even know how to stereotype you .....

I dont steriotype anybody me.......