A Friend Of A Friend .........

that I had worked with just briefly on a little project passed along to my friend that he would really like to take me out.   So of course my friend , being the 'good '  friend that he is, called me immediately to pass  this along.  So I dug around and found the  man's number and gave him a call.  

He was sweet and shy when we were working together so I thought maybe if I broke the ice by making the first move that he would appreciated it. Ok well he and I talked for several evenings briefly , casually , and decided to just see each other for sort of an evening picnic.  So we were to meet at this picnic place and he was bringing wine and i was bringing food.  We were going to meet at 6 pm,  i talked to him about noon and he was coming .  I get there a few minutes early and get the food out and stuff ... then look at my phone and it was ten after 6.  I wasnt really thinking about him not showing ,  I just figured he had gotten busy and tied up or something and wasnt able to get away on time.  So i walked around the little park a bit and came back to the table .... now it is 6:30. So I tried giving him a call and it went to voicemail.  Now i was thinking , maybe he had decided to back out.  So I picked up the food and put it back in the car. 

It made me sort of feel icky,   and really wondered if I had said or done something wrong.  But I got to thinking , I really brought it on myself,  If someone is too shy to ask me out then he really doesnt want to go out very bad .  So learned my lesson, no more of that sort of behavior from me. If someone wants to spend time with me I will let them do all the work and persue me. And hope they show up for the date.
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i would be the early one as i never like to keep a superior Female waiting

Not sure why anyone would stand you up? Wow some guys just don't understand.. sad.. <br />
<br />
I would have been there for you!!! :)