Your Kindness Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Ladies you are beautiful no matter what others think of you. A guy may say if you love me you will go to bed with me; your response should be, if you love me you will not ask me to do something I am not ready to do. Sure you can wear revealing clothes, and get the attention you want, but you are going to get a lot more attention than you don't want. Dress like a lady but be smart how you dress. Whether you realize it or not a guy likes a woman far more for their mind than they will admit.

Gentleman treat the ladies with respect at all times. Sometimes a girl's panties will show while she is getting in your car if the dress is too short, turn your head. Carry the books or other objects for the girl. Walk her to her class if you are in school. A girl or woman loves t be charmed. When I worked as a cashier many times I would accidentally card a 30 to 40 something woman because she looked like 25 to me. We were to card anyone looking younger than 25 when they bought alcohol beverages. A woman is not turned on by looks as much as you might think. What really impresses a woman is how you are going to treat her.

This is the same advice I give to my nephews and nieces. It is okay to play hard to get if you want. However, don't let your kindness be your weakness let it be your strength.  
MandyzYouthPastor MandyzYouthPastor
46-50, M
May 8, 2012