5'11'' And Counting

I'm 17 years old and 5 foot 11. I might be at 6 feet but I'm afraid to reach that threshold and refuse to measure myself. I hate being tall. I constantly feel manly and large compared to everyone. I see pictures of my ex boyfriend with his new, tiny little 5'4" girlfriend and feel like crying. She can hold on to his side in a hug and he carries her around. He could never do that with me because I am too damn large.
Mkenzib Mkenzib
18-21, F
3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

How about if you carry the guy around? It's true short women are lighter and cuter. sorry

thats exactly how i feel too....too damn large

Mkenzib- Right now you do not like being tall. I know so many women who wish they were tall like you. Look at the models, many are six feet or over. Every short or average height woman I know has expressed a desire to be tall--as tall as you or taller. You might very well reach six feet. I am a man and I am six feet six inches. It has been an advantage in so many ways. You will soon find yourself highly sought after by men and admired by women. Right now you see it as a problem. But in reality it will always be an advantage. You will earn more, receive more respect, and be seen as statuesque, not too tall. Write to me anytime on this issue. I raised a daughter who turned out tall like you and she has expressed to me many times how glad she is that she is taller than most. Good luck, you will love yourself soon.