Crouching For a Kiss

I am 5'9".  I love to wear heels.  I do NOT like being taller than a guy I am seeing or a guy I like.  It's very hard to feel dainty or cute or feminine when you're taller than the guy you're with

Is it superficial to not date guys that are less than 4" taller than me???
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5 Responses Jun 20, 2007

you're not SO tall so I think that's ok<br />
but if you were 6''2 that would be different...:P

Although I am a short man, but I think you have the right to pick who you want to be with, there is nothing wrong with that. And although i enjoy the height of my wife but crouching for a kiss is a No No, except at the wedding of course.

This is "funny". I'll never have this problem. For me, I have to be the one to lean over to do the kissing because I'm tall. I was also once told off by a girl for taking strides that were too long and she was exhausted keeping up with me.<br />
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I don't think there is anything wrong with dating a tall guy only if that's your wish. <br />
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What gets me is that I could never get a tall girl to like me, only short girls.

I dated a girl 6' tall for several years and frankly, she was only tall when she stood up. hahahahaa<br />
Seriously I am amazed at how many men are self concious about dating tall women.

The image of *crouching* for a kiss is quite hilarious, although I'm sure it's no laughing matter for you ;) If it clashes with your self-image, then I can't see why you shouldn't be picky about the height of your men - that's not so much about being superficial as it is just knowing what you want, and what you need to get something out of a relationship. Does reduce the pool of available men somewhat though :P