I'm six feet tall and everyone "congratulates" me for that. They wish they were me, wanna be as tall as me. But I never wanted to be tall. The average hight in the PH is like 5"4 or 5"2. My friends are already like 5"8 and they still say they are too short. But what's wrong with being short? I wanna be short! It's maybe in the normal human way of thinking, I don't want to be different. I want to fit in...
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1 Response Aug 31, 2014

The only thing that being tall is better for than basket ball is women.

Tall women are insecure about being with a guy who is shorter than them, so basically you have a shot at all woman 6'0 and under. You still have to charming and confident. You can still be a tall loser but it is an edge.

Most guys don't have a preference for tall women, and they have an aversion to them, so a lot of them are single and awesome.

I don't have a thing for tall women, but when I see a girl who is tall and she has good posture and stands up straight. I love it. A lot of tall people scrunch up just because they feel uncomfortable standing out.

And the other thing that is hard is little guys tough guys with complexes sometimes want to push tall guys around just to feel validated, By bringing you down a notch.

That is hard to deal with civilly, I can understand how they feel but it isn't tall guys fault that they are small.

I guess he best thing you can do is learn how to look up to people in spirit, if you cant do it literally.