The Third Wheel

Sometimes, a pair of people walks into the elevator, having a conversation.  A third person they don't know is in the elevator with them.  It is awkward for all.  I don't like that.
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I have a million mischoevous things I'll do to deliberately make people uncomfortable in situations like that. And my children, who have all inherited my warped sense of humour, will join in. My eldest and I usually pretend to speak in a weird foreign language, very loud, and laugh a lot. The effect it has on others in confined spaces is priceless. No, you really don't want to be the 3rd person in an elevator if we're in there.

just look down at the lift number or something<br />
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as long as you don't look directly at them and get eye contact when they're in the midst of their conversation, you're not really engaging and interrupting them in the most direct way possible lol. aside from asking them what they thought of the movie

The awkward part is not their presence, or mine. It is that I am interrupting their conversation, or feel as though I am eavesdropping.

why is that awkward? you just spent like 20 seconds with them come one you can do that

mindfighter: Unless they all know eachother

Lol, for me no matter how many people are in the elevator it feels awkward.