I Am Having Alot Of Attenstion Due To People Taking A Intreast In Whats Gone On In My Life.

As my life seems to be of intreast to all who have been researching whats gone on in my life,and what problems i have had i have had alot of people who want to pick out all the things that i have had gone on or have done in order,for me to be a Hate figure i anit perfect and i aint no angel,i guess you can say my life is full of drama,due to the things i have gone through i have always gone from day to day keeping myself to myself as i have had problems with trusting people and talking about things that are personal to me,i have a addiction with drugs that has taken over my life which has made me feel like i have let people around me down so i have kept people that i care about a distance due to my addiction,and as i have had alot of things go wrong in life down to things i have done and things i have said,people who dont like people who are involved in class A drugs or people who are gay or people who just keep them selves private my life has been made public for all to judge and disscuss as  a result of this i have had problems with people who seem to want to go out of their way to prove some thing by targeting me and picking out any thing that will keep the tongues waging i have had people tell me each day how much they hate me and why people like me deserve all the crap i am having,even complete strangers take great pride in noticing any thing to do with me,like i am being stalked due to being told how i should not do this and i should leave as i am a target for thoses who seem to be so intreasted in me that they have told me over and over how much they hate me and as a result they have even got some one to do what ever it takes to get me to have a good old fight as every one wants me to get my just deserts,so i have been warned and told to leave the area also have had the pleasure of being wanted so muc that they are willing to break the door down as it means so much to have me hurt in any way as these people have been talking about it and dreaming for the day to come for my come up unce as for the past how many months i have had so much attenstion over things people have taken notice of that has gone on in my life that now at this time  of night i am still getting the personal attenstion and willing people who want me so bad to come and do me over as they cant seem to talk about any thing else apart from any thing to do with me.Day and night its ben a routine for these people to go all out to show how much they hate me,but i am always the centre of attenstion as evry thing that is said is to do with things that i have done and things people dis like ,and have nothing better to do thn call names threaten even arrange ways to get me in trouble also hurt,as away of telling me that i must leave the area as these strangers have told me i have to do it or else i will get dealt with i have even been told my life is going to be taken as i am hated so much they have singled me out and told me that i must never go to the flat where i lived for years with no interfearing at all,then all of a sudden people just cant stop going out of their way to tell me to leave the flat where i am staying with people who are helping me get over my break down,so much has gone into this hate attenstion that i am in deed the centre of attenstion and these nothing these group of people are not willing to do in order to show me how a speacil target like me is dealt with,even told what to do by these people who want to tell me what i cant do as they do not like me smoking crack herion in the building they are staying in,i thought it was up to the people whos flat i am staying in to tell me what i can and cant do in their place as they are aware of what iam doing and they are ok,but for some reason,its geting me the attenstion i am geting from strangers i dont even know.Apart from the fact they hate me full stop they want to do what ever it takes to screw me over,Well public image means so much to some but if you dont know the people who are talking about you why should you bother,what people think of you if you do not have a thing to do with the people that have taken intreast in your life.Such high standing people going out of their way to take such notice of a person who they hate and believe tme to be beneath them as they are willing to lower themselves to be near a person of my nature will i guess i should appreciate the fact that they have spent as much time on me as they have already not forgeting the fact they want me so bad i must be lucky to be so talked about as much as i am,So if it means so much to do what ever to me to get the thumbs up from all who have taken the time to show intreast in me then its all good with me,as i aint looking to prove any thing i am at a age where i dont go out of my way to look for trouble or to get into fights just for the fun of it as i am being called all sorts so to let who ever is willing to hurt me or shot me, to as it means more to them to make a example of me............. 

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
Feb 28, 2010