And Here Is Why...

The main reason I hate to be tickled, is because people don't know how to do it.

They pinch.

Altho, I hate my feet being tickled as well, just because it annoys me.  I've screamed at people to stop as they held me so I couldn't wiggle away, then I'd punch any body part I could on them.  They'd let go and proceed to get angry with me for hurting them.
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I have never been hit or kicked. Thats why i'm the Master. I have converted alot of haters. If the person knows what there doing, it can be great forplay.

I know, right?

haha<br />
I had a similiar situation happen, emerald.<br />
Only, my heel (due to reflex) aimed a bit lower.<br />
My feet were in his lap.

If you're actually really ticklish, it's a bit tough to not react, EPErica.

Not if your tied to the bed. :) Then they can use fearthers on you. I bet you like it that way. :)

Actually I have been, toetickler54.

I know it seems that if a tickler tickles and doesnt stop then the tickler is only doing it for the tickler's pleasure. If the tickler tickles and doesnt stop and gets punched or hit or kicked...then they get mad at the ticklish. Well...helloo Mr./Mrs. caused it! What do you expect?! Duh!

The easier way to get them to stop is to just flat out not react. No reaction and the fun is gone. Takes a bit of will power, but it only takes once or twice.

I dislike my feet being tickled too! My Ex hubby once tickled my feet as he sat in the floor aginst the couch I was sitting on. I WARNED him to quit, because tickling my feet causes involuntary reflexes to kick in! He just laughed... until my foot rared up and kick him square in the jaw! I refused to appologize, because I had WARNED him! He was p.o.ed, but he took it like a man! He got up and left the house for 4 hours! lol

And went and tickled someone else. lol. Tell him to get a dvd, that shows him how to tickle you the way you want to be tickled. Which is soft and sexy. But if I was him you would have been tied to the bed.