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My husband hates to be tickled - so much so that sometimes he snaps at the person that is doing it, including his little children.  I grew up where tickling was just a fun way for us to "irritate" or "bug" each other - my mom would hug me and then tickle my sides or my dad would come to wake me up and I wouldn't budge so my feet would get "tortured" until I got up.  My brother would be a little pain so I would just attack him and tickle him until he stopped torturing me with whatever teasing he had come up with - that started to backfire on me when he got bigger than me! (lol)  And now, my children - they love it - my older one - you tickle around her neck and she can't even breath she is laughing so hard and I discovered my younger one's ticklish spot while she was still a baby - I would take off her onesie and my hands would skim her ribs and immediately her arms come down to "protect" those ribs from more tickles - so wonderful!

So, I have a hard time understanding the "hating to be tickled" thing - it was just one way we showed each other love in my family (even extended family).  When my husband and I were newly married, we were in bed and he was being a little bit of a pain, so I reached over to "torture" him with tickles to lighten the mood and avoid an unnecessary confrontation, and he snapped at me - it surprised me and really hurt my feelings and then it disappointed me that I wasn't going to be able to express my love for him in that fun way!

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Sorry for your situation. I am very very ticklish and would totally let you tickle me to your heart's content but as long as I get a little payback :)

Thank you so much for your kind comment! It's alright to not want to be tickled, just the meanness associated with his dislike was hard to take, but I won't have to worry about that anymore - we are separated (although in the same house due to financial reasons) and will be getting a divorce. It is very peaceful here now - funny, huh?! Now THAT tickles me!!

awww im sorry but im not the tickling type either it does help bond and express feelings so i find it okay to play and have fun with but i just find it kinda annoying mostly cause u just found out my friends are tickle fetish and they tickle me allllllll the time maybe he just had a bad experience when he was younger but it was no situation to snap at anybody for u were trying to help and he took it too seriously i actually hate it when people do that : <br />
<br />
anyway wish u luck :)

You have NO idea how sad - this is just a little glimpse of the "fun" I live with - now for 16 1/2 years... You are right, though, I just enjoy tickling my kids and they LOVE it and you can tell that they feel loved when I have done it!<br />
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As for your last statement - no comment : )

U r in a sad situation there.<br />
Just enjoy tickling your kids and let them get u back. <br />
I wish u were my next door neighbor, I would tickle u silly.