I was sitting in my church youth room, and my "friend" grabbed me from behind, holding me to him and tickled me until I was on the floor, crying and begging him to stop. I was shaken up for a long time, and wouldn't let anyone tickle me for years. I'm only just now starting to trust people with that kind of control again.
ericakriner ericakriner
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1 Response Aug 20, 2014

It sounds like he was just trying to be playful. I can't say I would expect someone to react so intensely to that.

You wouldn't expect them to, but that's why you have to stop when a person asks you to - or in my case, when a person is crying at screaming at you to stop and trying to push you away will all their force.

Yeah screaming should get the job done. Sorry about that. I hope things are getting better now though.