i squeak when I am tickled, and I yell i protest, and people laugh and say its cute

they don't realize that I am having a mild panic attack when they do it

i have only known one person in my life who could tickle me without having me freak completely out

I'm better at controlling the freak-out now, but I still hate the idea of being tickled

when i was a kid, i was abused, and on more than one occasion I was tickled until i was on the floor and then i was raped, so it brings back horrible horrible memories when someone tried to tickle me, but i don't go around telling everyone that, so they just don't get why i hate it, they say everyone likes being tickled
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I mean I don't have to deal with them trying anymore.

Whether you've gained weight or not you deserve to be respected.

People always want an explanation - it is human nature

You also do not need to justify why you don't like being tickled - <br />
you can just say, "because I don't like it!" period!!

I don't have to worry about it as much now that I've gained weight.

I agree with Quitoxic's statement - therapists get sued for that all time.<br />
I remember in my twenties in group situations where guys would do that and<br />
other strange things to girls - all in "fun" - I often don't think guys get it though.<br />
I do think they would get a very firm and assertive statement - if it is not respected then it is time to get new friends and be in a more healthy environment. At the same time - take care to nurture that very tender part of your soul that has been violated in the past. There has to be an inner rage there that others in your position know about (there are many out there!)<br />
and gain some kind of support and nurture - you deserve it!

Yes, the therapist was a female.

Oh my Gosh - I am sorry to hear that!!!<br />
Was it a therapist who was the same sex as you?

Things never go properly for me though. When you tell people that I don't like being tickled, they think its weird and want to know why.

That's unethical, unconscionable, & horrible! That therapist needs to not be practicing. I understand that it's hard to be even a little forward at times when it comes to such trauma. Regardless, if you say you don't like being tickled, people should respect your wishes without needing to pry.

They didn't do anything physically inappropriate, just betrayed my trust and told other people about my issues without my consent, actually, with me specifically telling her not to.

Oh my Gosh - I am sorry to hear that!!!<br />
Was it a therapist who was the same sex as you?

I tried it. The therapist betrayed my trust and caused further damage.

Just wondering if you have had any counseling for the sexual trauma you have experienced? The reason I ask that is because that can directly be tied in to self esteem which can affect your ability to be able to "own your own body".

its friends, boyfriends (well it used to be boyfriends) who are trying to be cute and get a giggle out of me

I don't know why people are doing this tickling thing? Are they picking on you for some reason? Is there a vulnerability there that people are pouncing on?<br />
It sounds like you could use some "assertiveness" training to help others to know that this is not something you like.

i could laugh if someone else said it, but i would be mortified even thinking about saying something like that in front of people

i could never say something like that!

Hey, there eyes. Haven't talked to you for awhile. You don't have to tell people the real reason why you don't like being tickled. Try telling them you have had a bad experience when you were tickled long time ago. If that doesn't work, tell them the pressure makes your butt explode and dangerous gases could leak out without notice. It will get a laugh out of them, and make the situation not so stressful to talk about. "Hang in there"<br />
Deal with one thing at a time. HUG !!!