Being Told I Cant Do Something!!

It really ****** me off when people tell me that i cant do something let me explain. when i have a strong desire to do something i want to do it and i will do it but i have had morons in previous jobs saying " ha you will never be a scaffolder" "you will never be a floorlayer" but who has done all of them and got the qualifications to prove it! ha a few guys even said " you will never give up smoking i bet you anything " well thats been 2 weeks so get to ****. now i have been going swimming lately and one of the lifeguards said" you are a really good swimmer you should do the lifequard course its only £200" I thought yeah why not its a challenge i dont have a job at the moment so i am going for it. Told of of my friends and guess what he said.... well this time it really pissed me off. Now i am sitting here so raged up at all the past times people say i cant do something it just fills me with rage because i know i can! by the way i am only 23 before you start thinking i am a old man haha.
paul1989 paul1989
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1 Response May 17, 2012

I've often set out and proved these clowns wrong! All the best.