I Hate This

up until the past couple years i've been fine, but now i dont know what happened. I just hate when someone touches me i think it is the worst feeling in the world. even if it just like a brush i hate it, it makes me cringe. I get really pissed off and flip out at someone if they touch me. even with my family, every now and then ill give my mom a hug but ii cant with anyine else. I feel like such a ***** for this but i cant control how i feel about it. I have a boyfriend, and i can let him touch me but some times i just dont like it and i get annoyed and he doesnt know why and i wont tell him whats wrong with me because ik its embarrassing and it will make him feel bad i think. I dont know what has happened to cause this and i really hate it, i wish i knew what was wrong so i could fix it.
cookiemonster1234 cookiemonster1234
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2012