When Someone Touches Me I Feel Like Peeling My Own Skin Off!

For the most part everyone in my family knows that I don't like hugs. Sometimes I feel guilty when I see that melancholy twinkle in their eyes, but still I can't bring myself to hug them. Whats worse, is that I always stiffen up when I am in situations where I have to shake hands or give a kiss on the cheek.
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4 Responses Apr 30, 2012

You were severely abused. Touch is supposed to be wonderful and nourishing to the soul. That's what abuse does. It fuc*s a person in the worst way humanly imaginable. You can be healed though and you have a very early start compared to some of us. Keep up the good work seeking love and healing

Frankly, I love being touched and hugged. I feel it more expressive sometimes than just touchy words. However, in my childhood, it was so uncomfortable feelings. Now I realise, it's just a matter of perception.

awww but thats like the local thing the kiss on the cheek! i never do that when i greet people! as for hugging im with you! im like a cardboard! :/

Exactly!You see how I struggle. Sometimes the aunties and the uncles think I'm going all mainland style on them wen I'm not.

IKR they like hoooe some sassy ahhh. or even worse when the tuts come!!

Hugging is probably the most annoying gesture of caring and affection. Especially as somehow people assume that everyone wants a farewell hug or it is AWESOME to hug a person when you see them after a long time. I pretty much hate cuddling aswell. <br />
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But I guess I don't really freeze on those situations. I just get annoyed. Though, must admit that sometimes physical contact can actually sate some desires. <br />
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Anyhow it is still annoying.

Agreed.100% sums it up for me.