I Cant Stand People Touching Me At All.

I can not stand being touched. I can get a hug but thats about it. being touched on my neck is the worst ever. My school friends do it to me to annoy me. I reliesed this when the hairdresser was washing ym hair and i felt like running out of the hair salon. I cant even stand my own family touch me or my best friends. It just creeps me out. My friend put his hand on my leg being funny and i pinched him in the arm. HE NEVER DID IT AGAIN. Only a few people can touch me and its only on my back. I use to think it was only a few girls that could until i met my guy friend and he can actually touch my back without my freaking out.

But other than that EL NO TOUCHY MAKY?

DeMiDeMiSe DeMiDeMiSe
18-21, F
4 Responses May 29, 2008

I had a few issues where I don't like being touched especially on the butt. I had a couple of people who probley thought it was funny to touch there but this lead to me really having ago at him and nearly was going to knock him out. I don't like strangers touching me there out without consent and I can be very hard on the person.

Same here. Occasional hugs are fine but any other prolong touching makes me very uncomfortable and sometimes angry. What's up with that?

your not alone. i hate being touched either. i see it as if i wouldnt get intimate with someone, i dont want them to touch me at all. it gets me worked up even thinking about it. even when my mom is talking to me she'll put her hand on my arm and i freak out and i get so mad for some reason. i love my mom, we have a good relationship and she is my best friend. but when she touches my arm i wanna take sand paper to my skin. my friends have done it just to make me mad too, but they quickly find out its more scary than funny how mad i get at them. ive gotten into physical fights over it with old friends, my siblings, or even drunk people at concerts. it makes me sooooo mad! and i dont know why, it doesnt even make sense to me.

You did not say whether you want to change this "problem".I can,t stand being touched either.In this society it seems everybody wants a hug.The people that check me out at the food store are so friendly I could puke at times.I find other people threatening.