Where To Start

I don't know where to start. I guess when i first met this man there were signs everywhere flashing super bright that this man was no good. But I was infatuated with this man. He was beautiful. He was an alcoholic but I thought he was just partying like I was. After just a month of being together he cheated on me and got another girl pregnant. You would think a semi intelegent person would of ran for the hills, well not me, my infatuation was so strong, I took him back and I decided I wanted to get pregnant and marry this guy.
So now we know we have a drunk audulterer and now he is beating me almost on a daily basis, but do I leave? Nope, still completely in love. So time goes by IWe marry I have a child He is still drinking ,cheeting and beating me, as if thats not enough he starts grooming my daughter (from a preveous relationship) after a few years of that he makes his move and starts touching her. Well tthats when I found out. I left him for a short period. But like any other pedaphile he weasled his way back in our lives. Long story short he is back in our lives and will not leave. I hate sleeping with him I hate him touching me. He is disgusting and he does not help the family financially. I hate him so much and yet at the same time I'm scared to leave him. I dont understand why?????
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Jan 10, 2013