All My Life

I have been treated as an idiot all my life just because I was born female. I have been through a lot in my life and I am far from being an idiot or stupid. I am divorced once, widowed once, spent time in an orphanage, been discriminated against because of my race, been through 2 house fires, parents divorced when I was 4, raised by a grandparent till I was 14, etc. My life was far from normal. I have a college education and people still want to treat me like I'm and idiot. I have even had a supervisor tell me that I was still wet behind the ears. WTF!!! I told him that I have more life experience in my pinky than he had in his whole body. He was only about 8 yrs or so older than me. Go figure.
Bubbles48509 Bubbles48509
36-40, F
Jan 18, 2013