I have been ugly for as long as i can remember ... for a long time i avoided mirrors cause seeing them made me feel worse... The first time i felt good about myself was when i broke up with my boyfriend after he left me for another girl then came back to me... I remember from that day to this day i felt pretty ... but recently i have been feeling worse about myself... i started avoiding the mirror again ... and seeing in my past where i have been the back up plan if a relationship with a guy wouldn't work he would come to me just because he didn't want to be alone... i was used the in my first relationship and forgotten in the second one... now im alone and have been alone for a couple of months and looking around me i have realized that all the guys that have flirted with me did so because it did not work out with my friend...
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18-21, F
1 Response Jul 22, 2010

It sucks to feel like second best. I have been there, having really attractive friends that got all the attention, and if my friends didn't want them they might flirt with me a little. I am sorry for your pain. I know that a couple of months feels like forever, but some of us have been without any affection for years and years. Someone will come along for you soon.<br />
hope you have a great day.