I Hate Looking At My Self

when i look at my self i see a to tall flat chested girl with to dark skin. I have short ugly hair that wont grow and every boy i ever like wont like me back. My little sister is beautiful and so is my mom when we go out they get looked at and i never do. Im to skinny and tall for anyone to hold me i never want to die soon because when im older i wanna look back one day and realize i over came this. Im 17 years old and ugly and one day i will be ok with it

not to mention im stupid but thats a whole other story
driab92 driab92
1 Response May 21, 2011

First, what others think about your looks might be different than your own feelings toward yourself. So someone might find you attractive. Second, even if what you say is really the case, then my suggestion would be not to think about it too much and focus on areas of your life where you're really good at. Try to succeed in those areas. Life is difficult and sometimes painful for everyone (at least for me, so I can attest to that). True beauty is in facing life's cruelties with a graceful smile!