Plastic Surgery

When it comes to the point, it hurts to smile because of your outward appearance. It's time for you to come back to reality; you will never look good to opposite sex, or even to yourself. Don't wait; nothing is going to get better. People will fill your head up with cliché, telling you things will improve. Don't get fooled, they are not going to get better this, is from someone who has experienced it for 35 years. Don’t wait until most of your life is over, like I did. I'm in my 50s now, and just as depressed since the age of 15. That’s the age when I found out; I wasn't the attractive to the opposite sex through my male classmates (males of the worst of the lot for calling someone ugly). It's too late for me, but it may not be late for you. How long are you going to wait? I wish I did it, but like I said it's too late for me now. There are certain things that will make you attractive to the opposite sex. First one is the most important and that is appearance, second money, and the last is education. Let’s face it; we are not all Albert Einstein. If you don't have one of the three, get ready for a life time of loneliness. Personality will not get you what you desire. At first I was at the point I just wanted to be average in appearance, now I want to be handsome because, it's to make up for my life time of being called ugly. Back to the plastic surgery, if you decide to does it make sure you know what makes you ugly? It could be your nose, shape of your head, your eyes, or the combination of things. I didn't make myself feeling this way, you people did!
vertigo941 vertigo941
Sep 12, 2012