Pretty At Age 5

It must have started when I was 5 or 6-the modeling agencies, the pictures the need and want from my family to be the prettiest daughter they had. Then came 9 then 10 then 12 and 13 where are all the pictures, what happened to the compliments oh ya they have been replaced with your fat disgusting your nose Is huge your teeth or screwed up why do you look the way you do. You can't be my kid! I won't keep pictures if someone that looks like you! Fast forward to my 20's you look good from afar. Only the desperate want me only the mean and ugly will take me. Fast forward to my 30's -I'm more unattractive then ever before.The comments at work, the isolation of having no one want to be your friend. Deep down all I want is to be the pretty girl -like I was at age 5
Lev241 Lev241
Dec 5, 2012