Ugh! I Hate Being Called Ugly.

I know I'm probably pretty hideous to other people, but when I look in the mirror I actually like what I see. The reason I'm writing this is because a few days ago I went out with an old friend and his friends who actually weren't that attractive. Anyway, the friend I went out with asked me to have sex with him a few times and after the last time I told him to stop asking me. He got upset and said he never asked, that I offered like a "lil hoe." He acted so ashamed and pretty much begged me not to tell anyone that we even slept together. He said I was ugly and that all the guys we went out with secretly talked about me being ugly. I wouldn't take this to heart if I hadn't been called ugly before. A while ago, I was walking on the sidewalk from a nightclub and a guy yelled "ugly *****" at me from a moving car. I don't really get it. When I look in the mirror I try very hard to see why people think I'm ugly, but I don't really see it. I guess it's a lot more obvious in pictures. I'm totally aware that I'm not the most attractive person and that I used to be a lot better looking and confident even. But I wish people didn't feel the need to call me names. I'm starting to believe them.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

That guy sounds like a complete *******. If I were you, I would be ashamed that I slept with him. Don't listen to people who bring you down and more importantly, don't let people who you don't even know dictate how you feel about yourself. There is clearly something wrong with people who talk crap about others.