I Used To Be Cute, Actually At A Time Good Looking Even.

I am so ugly and I am not being funny or anything , I am being dead serious.  I am so ugly that I always hear people saying that guy is so ugly. The thing that really is killing me is that I am 28 now and I used to be cute as a child and even good looking as an adult. But my face aged in a really bad way.  I am honestly hideous looking. I can't stand the site of myself in the mirror. I have already been to one plastic surgeon but the ******* did not want to do anything for me or just saw that my face was not able to be operated on because of the way it is.  He also lied to me and said that I was good looking.  I have so much anger inside of me because of this issue. I get rejected by women instantly, or they feel sorry for me and try to be nice to me. I have a great life otherwise but seriously this issue is killing me.  I hate myself for being ugly and other people can't stand looking at me either.  I hear people saying that I am ugly as hell.  If I put my face on here some of you people would start feeling better about yourselves. Anyways so I have money, family etc, but I can't get over this issue.  It is killing me, I have so much anger and resentment that sometimes I just can't contain it any longer and I either feel my own internal pain and mostly lonliness. I feel lonlely in a group of people.  I can be in a social situation and feel completely lonely  because no one will even acknowledge me unless I talk to them, otherwise I will be completely ignored.  I think about killing myself often, I know that is the only way that I am going to get over this ongoing neverending continuous paiin and frustration.  I can't connect to other people because I feel too ugly , sometimes unworthy.  I look at women and they just look away.  I can not get over this issue.  The main thing again is that I used to be decent to good looking even, but my face just aged horribly. I guess it always had certain imperfections and could have a tendancy to do this, but now I can't handle it.  It truely sucks. Sometimes I feel like I would trade one of my legs for a good looking or even average looking face.  It is not something I can hide. Although I have isolated myself often.  Sometimes I go out to go somewhere and I don't have the courage to go there because I know I will face rejection.  CONSTANT REJECTION.

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Me too

I'm currently going through a taught time too. When i was a kid I used to be pretty handsome, like literally the most handsome kid in the whole family. People looked at me and simply adored me for what I was and I remember dad's friends who always told me you will grow up so handsome I envy you, you will get thousands of chicks.This turn out completely different, these words served as a curse or I dont know wtf happened, I guess puberty struck and during that time I had stress and taught times.Then, I got a wide tip of the nose small eyes thick eyebrows and my mom is kinda disappointed for what I am now, Im 19 years old and I dont know what worse can happen when i turn 30 and over.

Feeling bad about your appearance is a common thing that many of us feel. I developed rosacea, and my appearance really depreciated, but I am so thankful for the fact that God gave me life, and that I am blessed for that reason alone. Finding the Lord Jesus Christ really changes your life-letting Him transform your heart, and showing you your truth worth which is not based on the fleeting things of this world, like appearance, money, power, etc. If you have Him in your life, that is really the only thing that matters. Having a spouse, and children can be rewarding, but your relationship with Christ is what completes you. If you are meant to have a spouse, the right person will come along for you at the right time. When you have a relationship with Christ, you can have joy in your life whether or not you have a spouse. Your mind and heart are completely renewed when you ask the Lord into your life. You may still struggle with some old ways of thinking, but if you develop your relationship with the Lord, the new way of thinking is more prominent than the old way of thinking. Its like the big dog, little dog mentality. Which one is going to win. Taking your life is one of the worst things you can do, and how do you know where you are going? The only certainty in life is Christ. When you accept Him, your life changes, and you don't perseverate on these things constantly. He has spiritual gifts and abilities for each of us, but they do not become apparent until we accept Christ. Sharing the gospel, and reaching out to others using your spiritual gift will bring you joy. Hope this helps you.

Man I feel so bad for you, you just have to learn to say screw it though, just look the best you can, and let everything solve itself out.

I can relate so much to how you're feeling though. This story really gets me =/

Hey man, I know what you're going through. I used to be pretty cute too, but then puberty struck and I got pretty ugly. Yet I realized something, you don't have to be good looking to get by in life. You mentioned you have family, money, etc. Put that to good use, enjoy yourself. Life is too short to hate yourself, be more confident. I'm glad I realized this at an early age, but, good looks really last you for a certain period of time. You need to be confident and forget that crap.

I am also ugly. people stare and i know its weird but touch their face where i have the smallest blemish or cut or something and look at me like I am a freak. I didn't used to be like this either. It was near last year during Christmas and everything changed. People stared and all the girls that liked me where ignoring me all the time. I wasn't bad looking. Its just my skin they say. And my skin is fine. I have a couple of blemishes but not as much as other people. I don't know whats wrong with me. So i kind of feel what your going through and would also like to be your friend :)

:( you know, theres an illness called body dismorphic disorder. You could have this. You see yourself completly different then everyone else. And about in the clubs, though you may not know it, your sadness may show despite your trying not to. Then people may want to leave you alone to respect you. :) I'll be your friend!!! It doesn't matter what anyone looks like to me, I care about the inside. By default I guess, I like all guys at first ( I know that may sound stupid, but its true) but if the guy is really mean-spirited or rude, then I don't like then anymore. I'm that there are other people like that your age. Just be confident in yourself!! :3

this is weirding me out. i dont know if i can explain it but ill try. when i was a kid one of my sisters was a real *****. To some people she was sweet as pie but to my brother and to me she was a total *****. i think the worst thing she did to me was told me my face was flat and called me flat face. she said it in such a way that i totally believed i was unfit to be looked at in profile. i could see my face in the mirror and it looked okay to me. not gorgeous but alright.. i couldnt really make out my profile although i would try. but it didnt matter what i saw, she had said it and it was true. for years after, maybe til i finished high school i was so self conscious of my profile i would always try to face people that i wanted to like me. i would even move around so they couldnt see it. <br />
well theother thing is i go red really easily even when there is no feeling of embarrassment and it gave me a reputation since people assumed i must be having embarrassing thoughts if i was blushing. but i wasnt. it would just happen and then i would feel embarassed and then i would go dark dark red. but even when i think im ugly i tell myself it doesnt matter. theres always someone uglier or deformed or two heads or what have you. and you would be damn suprised to find out how good you look when you have faith in yourself as an important being and to say you would give up an arm is really sad and it hurts.

Hey I feel like this, I have never really been "good-looking" but I was cute as a kid and went through a phase of being sexy when I was about 21-23. Then I turned 24 and started loosing some of my thick sandy blond hair, it has fallen out at the front area of my head. I always had a large forhead and nose but somehow when I had thick hair, I looked manly and sexy and girls loved it. Ever since it fell out my forhead is exposed and its large and shiny and I have this nasty big nose too boot !!!!!! I HATE the way I look and see cute guys walking around and think to myself how I would do ANYTHING to swap bodies with them ANYTHING !! I am baldy, my father was handsome, but I'm turning out to look like my ugly grandfather on my mothers side. It HURTS soooo bad to have to look in the mirrior or catch my reflection in a shop window, one time I saw myself on a CCT TV cam while at the shops and for a split second wondered who the ugly weird looking guy on the screen was and thin it dawned on me it was ME !!!! my god I wanted to kill myself. I pray and hope everyday that there is somthing that can be done to fix me.......although I know I will just have to learn to accept myself I can't. The worst part is having to go to work and have to interact with people, mostly I stay home and watch shows about normal looking people

http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000409350387 look at this guy, hes by best fren though so dont get rude,

even the suregeon didnt wanna do ****? for real? tats ****** up man

The surgeon probably didn't want to do anything for him because he already looks fine. Havent you seen beautiful celebrities get surgery and then look funny after? Maybe the surgeon didn't want that to happen.
Anyways, to the person who wrote the experience: I would tell you that you look great but 1. I have no idea what you look like and 2. It wouldn't help. That's the reason why I never tell anyone (friend/family) that I feel utterly terrible about being so ugly and fat- they would only tell me that I'm not. What good would that do? I have no reason to believe them, I can look at pictures of myself to prove they're lying.

wow you just summed up everything i am currently going through. I was looking at myself in a hand mirror outside today and was convinced i had to kill myself. I used to be good looking in my youth and teen years. Now I have deep, wide pits/scars covering my entire face. it's like trying to see where my face starts out of the thousands of blemishes. i doubt you look as bad as i do. and to the comment above, people are always lying to me as well saying i'm not ugly as if i couldnt handle the truth. it's beyond frustrating. i'm now 23, and i am trying to figure out if there is something i did to deserve to look so hideous. is there some perpetual flaw in my being that has caused me to look this way?

I too feel you pain so your not alone. Just don't give up hope completely, theres still is always that chance of meeting that special person.

I am sorry for your pain. I am right there with you. And I am sorry no one has responded to you...you and your feelings are important, and someone could have at least found the time to post a word or two since feb. Curiously the date of this posting is ironic since it is sweethearts day which conjures images of attractive people enjoying love's bounty. But more importantly it was my brothers birthday...bless him.<br />
Anyhow, I am sorry for your misery and torment. I completely feel your postion. Perpetual rejection which spawns tormented lonliness...that has been my life's theme. I too feel lonely in a crowd of people, and that you are not acknowledged unless you initiate conversation...this makes me sad to hear. I also find myself thinking about death alot lately.<br />
At least people are honest with you, everyone lies to me and tries to tell me that I am not ugly...which really ****** me off because I know I am, yet nobody even respects me enough to give me the truth...like I am to weak and fragile to handle the truth, so let's just blow fairy dust up this ugly dudes rear and send him on his way. <br />
Constant rejection, especially by females, is my daily reality, so I really can relate, and I am sorry you or anybody has to go through such misery and be treat the way you are. On a positive note, I can clear a store isle because I am so unattractive, and get my grocery shopping done totally fast.<br />
I understand the anger you have, I too have rage that just boils beneath the surface and it's a terrible burden to contain as you know.<br />
I am sorry for your pain....<>