There are not many things which I can say really make me angry and disappointed in everyday life.  But being underestimated is one of the few.

I don't expect anyone to be clairvoyant ... to automatically know things about you without being told.  But I do dislike it when people make assumptions about you based on your gender, your age ... your chosen profession, your marital status. 

Not everyone conforms to stereotypes ... I certainly don't and I won't explain myself or justify myself to anyone either. 

We all have hidden depths, very few people are uncomplicated and what they seem on the surface.  It would be good to think that we could be open to knowing each other ... allowing our strengths, weaknesses and interests to float to the surface gradually, like bubbles in a fizzy drink.  People can so easily be dismissed and be considered not worth getting to know, just because of some of those outward appearances.  We all need a chance. 
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1 Response Aug 1, 2010

Thanks cabman. I think it is worth the effort and sometimes it takes time and patience - two things which I think a lot of people lack nowadays.