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I was released from prison after serving 12 years about a month and a half ago. I've never been unemployed this long before. It doesn't help that my eyesight has worsened enough over the years that I can no longer drive. I understand employers are concerned about hiring an ex-felon, but heck I'm willing to walk 1 - 2 hrs to a job interview and I have. I am college educated and was so before I went in. I have unique work experiences from those 12 years. I just want an employer to give me a chance, so I can show them that except for this one aberration from my past that kept me isolated for those years, I'm hardworking, reliable, loyal, calm, patient, and capable of learning quickly. Unlike many of the folks I served time with, I at least have family and friends who can help, but I really need to be working. Oh well.

Tired & Frustrated
PrairieDog71 PrairieDog71 41-45, M 2 Responses Jun 2, 2012

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Sorry you had to go through that...but you will have a second chance when you least expect it....keep your chin up, smile and keep striving till you get blessed...(((hugs)))...:)

Thanks, it can just be annoying at times. I've always been a very loyal worker. That's why I still get up early even when I have no where to go. :)

You're one's perfect....I've seen and been through enough to understand you...anyway I'm up at 4.30am almost being up early is refreshing indeed I get my alone time when everyone's asleep....:)..wanna join me with a cup of tea?..sugar and cream?..*giggles*

Sure, some straight black Irish Breakfast Tea will hit the spot. :)

Comin right up..*winks*..:)

Thanks, ahh caffeine, my favorite friend. :))

hehe..well I can actually switch to coffee too....hmm depends on my mood though....:)

Nah, Tea always hits the spot. I like smell of coffee, but never acquired the taste. :)

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I'm not completely discouraged, but more annoyed than anything else. I just want to get on the highest point and yell to the world at large to stop judging me for my one major mistake in my life. I mean they give drug abusers chance after chance. Can I not have one?