Hating Life

In May, I completed my Americorps program and have been looking for work since. I started looking even before my program was over but I couldn't find anything. After I was done I had to move back home and still look for any job I could. I have applied to over 200 "professional jobs" and countless dead end ones so that I have an income. I have had to full jobs but they have last only a month or less. My employers just use me as a source of cheap labor and just throw me on the street. After the one month mark they make my job impossible by having unrealistic goals which they can't even do and so I have to quit or be fired. One job even post my job before I was fired. I have faith in people and believe that 90% of them are evil. I see no hope in my future and can't trust people anymore.
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2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

Although this may be true there are a lot of cut throat people everywhere but there are good people too!=) I dont know if you've read the secret or watched it but you should give either one a go. The way your mindset is will determine your future so you have the power to change it at anytime. Have faith in yourself and know your worth! ill pass on something thatll help you get your mind headed in the right direction (nothing religious) you've probably heard about it already if you have awesome take action! if not do it now! no one is going to have to walk your path or live your life but YOU but you have to want better for yourself=) go here-----> www.ilivingapp.com/positions best of luck to you and smile=) -cheers

I can understand your feeling, and I can't say that I don't have similar feelings.