Not Fair

I have been unemployed since January 27, 2012 so; it will make one year on the 27th, that is way too long to be unemployed. Since I lost my last job on Jan. 27th of 2012; I have applied to many places; got very few calls and/or emails and not one interview.

It's not fair; I am always in this kind of situation. When, I do find a job I like and/or love; they let me go for some reason and the ones that I can hold on to are not the ones I want and/or make me happy.

Also, because I have weaknesses when it comes to stress/pressure and the telephone; I am not able to find something cause most of the job offers require that. So, now I am being very selective to where I send my CV. I will settle for something part time even if it's not in the medical field; which is what I am looking for. I have my high school diploma, a secretarial studies diploma and a college diploma (Medical Administrative Assistant).

I hope that my luck changes real soon, I just want to have a job/career; where I can be happy and make a difference and hold on to for a very long time (stability).
didi69 didi69
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