I struggled for years to get an Engineering degree, just to find out that nobody wants a female engineer. How funny is that? I got my degree almost two years ago, and I could only land 2 interviews. In which they politely asked me if I had any children, or wanted to have children, or if I had a husband. I don't. But what if I did? Do men get the same questions? Being a 27 year old female engineer is not desirable. DANGER! DANGER! She might want to have a family! How awful!
Along that, they only want people with experience. Where will I get experience if nobody gives me a first oportunity? I have worked before, but I have done it out of my field or for short term internships. That is of no use, I can see now.
I hate beyond belief to be unemployed. I was so used to have to do things all the time, to have no free time. I do not know what to do anymore. I'm out of ideas.
I do believe this is harming every relationship that I have. I feel so depressed, I find no joy in ordinary things, and I get so jealous of those who do. Some days, most of days, I have no reason to get out of bed. Or to get ut of my home.
There are so many things that I want to do, but no money to do them. I feel trapped, in what should be a lovely time in my life. How can I get out of here? I love so much to work, to feel useful, to feel needed. It's driving me crazy.
It is also driving me crazy to have people arround me that thinks that I want this for myself. Who would want this? Who would want to just exist? How can somebody want to live of others? To have no identity?
I really don't see the light at the end of the tunnel.
caritus caritus
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Caritus, are you doing better now? What field of engineering are you in?

Just wondering...did you find anything in the end? I'm unemployed now and I hate it, for all the reasons you stated. It would be great to not have a job but have money, but without money there isn't much you can do. I feel I will lose the friends I do have as I can hardly ever afford to do anything.

dont give up dont let people tell you what your thinking only you know that.

I've been there. Unemployed, no money, stuck at home and it SUCKS! but know that although it seems hopeless at the moment, it shall pass and the light will present itself at the most opportune time. Keep your head up, as hard as it is, and don't give up!

Thanks :)

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Did you pursue biomedical out of your own choice ?

It wasn't my first choice. I wanted to pursue something else that wasn't available at my country. But I wouldn't have it any other way now.

Hush be still n concentrate r there any jobs that have engineering in them!!!

What kind of engineer are you I have a degree in manufacturing engineering a former co worker of mine has a degree in civil engineering she has since changed careers is now director of health and safety at where she works ever considered a career in health and safety though another friend is safety manager at a US postal distribution facility in Kearny nj the facility where we both worked is a refrigerated warehouse that uses ammonia as a refrigerant she was the safety manager

I'm a biomedical engineer:)

It's gonna be hard but you might want to move out :) If you are good in what you are doing try Canada, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Australia, Belgium... Open minded countries with high education.

I would love to do that. I'm tired of living in the past century here. But I don't know how to do it, where to start...

I don't either I am younger than you. But my parents, my uncles and aunts all fled their country and came to Canada. They said it was the best thing they did even though they struggled a little bit at first. My boss is from Chile and his wife couldn't get a job with similar situation as yours so they came to Canada and it was the best decision ever. A lot of my former teachers also did..

I do not know how to do it, I do not know how hard it is but I do know a lot of people enjoying their move.

Plus, have you ever tried to do something out of your comfort zone? It is a good move. If you are not moving foward anymore, do something else, just act!