How Do I Stop Being Used??

Erggs story sounds very similar to mine. I introduce people to each other and then they dont invite me. I mean its great when my friends get along but when they push me aside its not right. I mean it happens over and over again. and also they only used me when they need something. in my case- when they need money or want to go out in a group for me to introduce them to people. Dont wanna say anything to them cause then they will say im jealous. but it irritates me. just wanna be happy again. 
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4 Responses Jul 18, 2010

why do they need you to introduce them, let them do it themselves dont do their work for them, quit do too many favours and learn to say no more often.

the same thing use to happen to me. now i'm insearch of new friends because all the others took my kindness for weakness and they would just use me, then drop me as soon as i introduced them to new people. they would only call me when they wanted something. so i'm not friends with them anymore. i say hi and bye just to be polite but thats about it. now when they call i always say i'm busy and cut the conversation short. you should try to make new friends and with these new friends try not to be so generous. treat them the way they treat you. don't introduce them to your other friends unles they introduce you to their friends. treat them exactly how they treat you. best wishes and remember put yourself first. even though alot of people would say thats selfish remember thats what they do. they put their needs first. so you should too.

yep, a new set of friends is what I have learned!

I understand where you are coming from. My friends does that to me too, but i always ask myself, why do i keep on dealing with such selfish people. If your friends doing that to you and you knows it, well maybe it's time to either put your foot down or get new set of friends. For what my understanding is, a friend suppose to do for you as you would do for them, not be so needy and want all for self.