Out Inthe Street

I moved into a house with a friends Mom to help her with the bills and care for her. She died of stage 4 Cancer a little over a month ago. At the time I was told they would be sure I would get the house as I was promised by the Mom but she left no will. A week later I was told the house had to be sold but it would be at least 6 mo. Today people came to look at the house and I get told it will be sold ASAP! I am disabled and live on a fixed income for the last 2 months I have been paying the bills and buying all the food for the woman's 2 daughters and a cousin who came when she passed Now my so called friend moved her son in to eat me out of house and home.
They didn't even pay for the Moms Obituary I had to do it!
Every time my so called friend opens her mouth a new lie pours out!
I have to find a place to live on a low income, my savings is gone thanks to all the extra bills and mouths to feed. If they had just been honest from the start I would not be in dire straits.
You try to help people and you get screwed everytime
sandraroberts556 sandraroberts556
Jan 9, 2013