Luckily it doesn't happen very often.  It's just something which shakes me to the ground.  I never yell at anyone either.  Why would you waste that much energy on negativity?  Beats me.
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Some people seem to thrive on it Marji ... I just don't get it. ((hugs))

Yes, if someone yells at me I just switch off ... it's like I have a force field which closes in when the volume is raised. I really do dislike it.

Oh yes, doesn't mean that I can't be forceful or firm when the need calls for it.

I too hardly ever raise my in anger, disbelief sometimes. But that's how I was raised, not to say an angry word. It could be devastating to someone and yourself.<br />
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Now firmness when the situation calls for it is a different matter. No anger or the like there.

I rarely raise my voice in anger ... luckily I don't often have a situation which would call for it.

(((((Hugs)))))(((((Hugs))))))<br />
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Yes, the negativity is cutting.