yelling is probably the worst thing anyone could do to me. I cannot handle yelling. too many memories come with yelling. it scares me. it makes me nervous, nauseous.
I would rather someone hold a gun to my head then tell at me. I don't even like to hear others yelling. it makes me sweaty and shaky. yelling is my worst fear.
when I hear others yelling, I get paranoid. I get so scared I can't move. frozen. right where I am. I cannot handle yelling. am I the only one like this?
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5 Responses Apr 19, 2014

I can't handle it either. I would rather be spanked and that is why I think outlawing spanking is ridiculous. Now there are children being yelled at and that can be much worse. The government should stay out of parenting. Spanking is not abuse. Abuse is abuse. Rational people know the difference

<p>ok first i'm 13, and i know how you feel. when someones is yelling at u just take a deep breathe and zoon out and sing a song in your head. and dont forget to look at their forehead it works everytime. i hope this works for you</P>

Me too!

Hear ya...I get yelled at and im 46.... it gets no easier.

Hi maggieee5086 :) hello...I just saw this & had to respond...I hated being yelled @ a child in care..I just walked no you not's how you deal with it that counts /hope this helps a little