I hate my life everything is horrible, and all I say is why this and why that it's I just can't take it anymore and sometimes my boyfriend makes it worse, yes I loved him to bits and pieces but when it comes to depression and he's having a bad day we have to give each other space and it's always an argument.
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hello again. I hope your going along ok and know that people really care about your thoughts and feelings. I hope no one yelled at you today.
Hey did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile !! take it from someone who has furrows ( deep crevasses ) instead of normal forehead wrinkles !! your young take care keep asking questions and smile, smile, smile :)

Thank you

Don't exhaust yourself trying to keep someone else afloat.

Anger is contagious. get away from it.

Do NOT let anyone, no matter what the title, suck your happy.

Let them just SUCK.

Thank you for the advice

When the arguments stop, that's when you know the other person no longer gives a **** about you. Enjoy them while they last.

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