I have a way of handling this little thing. if people yell at me I don't care who they are I'm going to yell at them back ten times louder. I seek respect and there is a way you will talk to me. because yelling at me will get you in a world of trouble. now me having so much anger bottled up inside I have very short temper and I have an extremely loud voice because of it. now I can understand if I'm far away and your calling me from a distance. because your calling to get my attention. but if your in my face (another very bad idea) and barking mad at me then we have a problem. my parents know this as do the rest of my family.and thinking I won't yell back is as a dumber idea then choosing to yell at me in general. just a tip when talking to me. I'm a normally decent kind guy but I will not stand for or tolerate disrespect.
SladeBolinLeaderofEp SladeBolinLeaderofEp
18-21, M
Oct 26, 2015